Amati supplies customers with high-quality instruments that bring not only the perfect sound, but the joy of music.

Welcome to Amati USA, the United States branch of Amati CZ.

Amati CZ, a Czech manufacturer of brass and woodwind instruments, operates two factories within the Czech Republic. Amati instruments are manufactured in Kraslice and all VF Červený rotary valve instruments are manufactured in Hradec Králové.

Amati and Červený offer a wide assortment of instruments guaranteed to meet the needs of any musician, working in line with their personal tastes and exceeding all expectations. Catering to advanced players and professionals as well as growing musicians, Amati USA prides itself on their diverse community of musicians. With an equally diverse range of products, Amati’s unique variations allow musicians to select instruments which reflect their own personality and style.

Amati, in collaboration with a team of skilled musicians, is dedicated to producing high-quality wind instruments with a unique, full sound.  Impeccable craftsmanship and an unmatched understanding of the modern-day musician allow Amati to offer the highest quality wind instruments on the market.

Amati USA serves as a bridge between two worlds, bringing uniquely crafted instruments from the Czech Republic within reach of the ever evolving musician here in the United States.